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 ELI-ALPS workshop in India

Around 30 Indian researchers attended the ELI workshop in New Delhi organised by the National Research, Development and Innovation Office in collaboration with ELI-ALPS and the Embassy of Hungary in New Delhi.


First high-order harmonic radiation at ELI-ALPS

The ELI-ALPS research facility reached a new milestone with the generation of the very first high-order harmonics in noble gases with the use of the recently installed HR1 laser.

To watch the video shot at the event, please click here.


First high harmonics in the Research Institute

The Research Institute reached a new milestone today evening: managed to produce the very first high harmonics (i.e. burst of attosecond pulses) in noble gases with the use of the recently installed HR1 laser. The experiment of the first commissioning users of ELI-ALPS, led by Hans Jakob Wörner from ETH Zürich, ultimately aiming at generating harmonics in liquid jets, will be carried out during the next couple of weeks.


SHHG and Beam Transport Workshop in the Research Institute

ELI-HU NonProfit Ltd. has organized a workshop concerning the implementation of the surface high harmonic generation secondary sources of ELI-ALPS, as well as the related beam transport systems. The goal of the workshop was to inform the interested parties and institutes as well as to survey the possible alternatives for the implementation of the abovementioned sources and beam transport systems.



Winter school of the Hungarian Synchrotron Committee

’Modern light sources and their applications’ winter school was held at ELI-ALPS’s Brain conference hall between 7th and 9th December. This 3 day school aimed to provide an introduction to modern x-ray sources including synchrotrons, x-ray free electron lasers and laser driven x-ray sources - like ELI-ALPS itself.


European Research Infrastructure Consortium to be established

The future of the ELI super laser centre in Szeged, the largest research infrastructure in Hungary, was the central topic of the meeting in Brussels attended by József Pálinkás, President of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office.



ELI-ALPS in the October issue of Fizikai Szemle


The Hungarian Fizikai Szemle (Physics Review) covers several topics of ELI-ALPS in its October issue. After the Welcome of Research Technology Director Károly Osvay, the periodical introduces our colleagues’ results.



ELI-ALPS User Workshop


The 5. ELI-APLS User Workshop ended with success. The event was held on 9-10 November, after the ICEL 2017 and the Grand Scientific Opening - as a worthy closing of a really eventful week.



ELI-ALPS Grand Scientific Opening


ELI-ALPS Grand Scientific Opening was organized on the occasion of the successful installation of the mid-infrared laser and the THz spectroscopy pulsed source. The first laser systems have started shining in the facility. 



ICEL 2017 took place at ELI-ALPS facility


ICEL 2017 was held on 6-9 November, Szeged. This was the second of a regular series of conferences, the first event was successfully organized in 2015 in Bucharest, Romania.